Trionic A2Z

The unique device uses the latest “dry mist” technology to disperse Trionic A2Z high level disinfectant solution into the atmosphere of unoccupied areas.
A “dry mist” which effectively means that surfaces or equipment are not adversely affected by the system unlike conventional wet “fogging” applications which can soak treated surfaces potentially causing damage.
Nebulisation or atomization of liquids is achieved by focussing pressure waves just below the surface of a volume of the liquid.  This stimulates a phenomenon known as cavitation just below the surface which raises the temperature to thousands of degrees centigrade on a microscopic scale.
In the case of Trionic A2Z Solution this cavitation creates micro bubbles of steam which erupt from the surface to form a mist of solution droplets.
Efficacy claims are fully supported by independent laboratory tests that prove Trionic A2Z disinfectant is dispersed effectively and equally to all surfaces within the confines of a room and that this dispersal provides up to a 5 log reduction of surface contamination.
This system silently and discreetly disperses the correct amount of active solution into the room to ensure coverage of all surfaces high and low, vertical and horizontal.

Bactericidal. Virucidal. Fungicidal and Sporicidal

Advantages over current systems:

Non wetting, atmospheric and surface active dispersal device
Disperses independently proven high level disinfectant formula
Fully automatic controls
Non damaging to most surfaces and electronic devices and equipment
Extremely economical to use as part of a routine cleaning and hygiene programme
Safe to use
Non Alcohol Based
Variable effective coverage dependant on cycle chosen supported by clinical testing of machine
Particle size produced ultrasonically 2-8 microns
Very simple use
Lightweight unit, small footprint

Typical Applications:

Hospital wards, Isolation Rooms, and operating theatres
Doctors practices, clinics and waiting rooms
Dental practices and waiting rooms
Nursing homes
Veterinary Practices

In addition to the concept of utilising Trionic A2Z solution in a Dry Mist System, the Trionic A2Z solution is also available as a concentrate to be used in a one litre trigger foam bottle.

The “One Shot” system has been developed to reduce a number of the key concerns when using a cleaner and disinfectant concentrated solution.

        Ensuring the correct dilution ratios between the concentrate and water, so that the
        solution is safe to use and ensure the highest efficacy.
        Prevention of skin irritation or even burns which can be the result of spillage of
        concentrate whilst decanting from 5L cannisters or satchets.
        Reducing storage space.

60ml bottle of Trionic A2Z Concentrate giving exact amount for dilution with 1L of tap water in refillable trigger foam bottle. Ensures correct dilution ratio.
“Piercer” allows easy and safe transfer of Trionic A2Z solution from the 60ml bottle into the 1L trigger spray.

The Trionic A2Z One Shot System is Bactericidal. Virucidal. Fungicidal and Sporicidal.

Download the Ambulance Hygiene PDF

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