Trionic Sporicidal High Level Disinfection

A worldwide patented surfactant-modified Glutaraldehyde. The unique process of combining chemicals to make G-cide™ is patented and therefore a chemical reaction is required, held together by Van Der Waal forces.

In order to kill micro-organisms actives need to penetrate the cell walls.  The surfactant chosen is the wetting agent to penetrate Bio-films on surfaces and cell walls.

Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal HLD solution, is a semi-opaque pleasant fragranced solution used for high level disinfection or sterilisation of endoscopes, any type of fibre optic instrument and heat labile instruments.
This product contains 2.7% patented stabilised glutaraldehyde and contains all bio-degradable ingredients. 
Stable for 3 years.
Non-corrosive to metals, plastics or skin.
Effective against organic waste.
No special requirements for discarding.
Glutaral C11-C15 Pareth 9 (G-cide™).
G-cide HLD is pH-neutral, low volatile and non irritant.
It is the most effective chemical for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds and spores.
No special Personal Protective Equipment required.
No special ventilation systems required.
Ready to use.
G-cide products operate optimally at room temperature.

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