Esense - Advanced Hand Hygiene

The Esense product range:

Esense Antimicrobial Hand Sanitising Foam Rub

It is well recognised that handwashing is the single, most effective means of preventing healthcare associated infections. Esense™ Hand Wash removes transient organisms as well as reducing resident organisms to a ‘safe’ level and has been proven against common micro-organisms in under 30 seconds giving at least 99.999% reduction.

Esense™ Hand Rub is a technologically advanced, alcohol free hand rub which is proven effective against common micro-organisms within 30 seconds. Fast acting and as effective as alcohol based products in reducing micro-organisms yet is free from the potential skin damaging side effects of alcohol based products. Safe to use and easy to dispense, the drying time allows maximum contact time to maximize efficacy utilising the Ayliffe Technique.

The handy sized non-alcohol antimicrobial Esense Hand Sanitising Rubs, in Foam and Spray versions provide the same effective protection against cross infection. All Esense™ Hand Rub products chlorhexidine and triclosan free and conform to EN1500, EN12054 and EN14476 European Efficacy Standards.

The Esense range has been independently tested to prove its efficacy and all referenced data is available on request. Compliance with hand hygiene protocols has increased with focus on the issues and education, however there remains scope for improvement. One of the key reasons still stated for non-compliance is the dislike of using products that can dry and irritate the skin. Ebiox non-alcohol based products address this.

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