News - New Wall Dispensers Complete the EsenseTM Non-alcohol Hand Hygiene System

August 04 2010

August, 2010—Ebiox Ltd, developer of advanced healthcare decontamination technologies, announces a new delivery system for its EsenseTM non-alcohol hand hygiene products. New, colour coded, wall mounted dispensers containing Esense Hand Wash, Hand Foam Rub and Hand Rub Lotion can be positioned together or separately to accommodate a broader range of hand hygiene users’ needs and preferences.

According to Ebiox sales and marketing director Paul Blenkinsopp, Ebiox created The Esense System in response to requests from nurses and other health workers for clear, easy access to these three vital types of non-alcohol based hand hygiene product. “The System provides a complete non-alcohol option for the increasing number who report suffering dry, chapped hands from repeated use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, and those with concerns about the flammability or security of alcohol based products.”

The Hand Wash, Foam Rub and Lotion each provide anti-microbial protection and promote skin integrity while fulfilling specific hand hygiene functions. For example, Esense Hand Foam Rub is ideal between washes and the Lotion has extra conditioners that make it ideal for end of shift.

Alcohol, Chlorhexidine and triclosan free, the Esense range also meets appropriate European Efficacy Standards. Esense Foam and Lotion are based on an innovative blend of Biguanide and two fifth generation, twin chain; quaternary ammonia compounds (QACs).