News - Ebiox Products Well Positioned to Combat a “New Wave” in Swine Flu

December 21 2010

The Ebiox range of unique, patented cleaning and decontamination products is in use across the world, and each product in the comprehensive portfolio has been specifically formulated to assist in the control of potentially harmful pathogens, reducing the risk of cross infection.

It is well recognised that the control of the spread of H1N1 can be met by stringent hand hygiene protocols, this being enhanced by products which will help users comply to the protocols which are in place. Esense™ Hand Rub is a technologically advanced, alcohol free hand rub which is proven effective against common micro-organisms within 30 seconds. Fast acting and as effective as alcohol based products in reducing micro-organisms yet is free from the potential skin damaging side effects of those alcohol based products. Safe to use and easy to dispense, the drying time allows maximum contact time to maximize efficacy utilising the Ayliffe Technique.

The prevention of secondary cross infection is also key, ensuring surfaces are kept free of the H1N1 virus is essential. Cleaning is the necessary and essential first step of any disinfection process. It is needed to render the environmental surface safe to handle or use by removing organic matter, salts, and visible soils - all of which interfere with microbial inactivation.  Trionic™ is designed to Clean and Disinfect Environmental Surfaces. Trionic™ does not contain, alcohol, aldehydes, phenols or chlorine. It is easy to use in a number of formats, no complex protocols, safe to the user, safe on materials, safe on the environment, has broad spectrum biocidal activity, and is easy to store with a long shelf life.

Both products have been tested specifically for their effectiveness against H1N1 and passed using the European Standard EN14476.

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