News - Ebiox launches non-alcohol EsenseTM Antimicrobial Hand Sanitising Foam for Hand Hygiene

October 01 2009

October, 2009—In response to requests of healthcare providers for an alternative to harsh, alcohol based hand hygiene products, Ebiox Ltd, advanced decontamination technology specialists, have developed an improved version of the company’s popular EsenseTM Hand Rub, EsenseTM alcohol free, Antimicrobial Hand Sanitising Foam Rub.

Ebiox commercial director Jeff Smith describes the new EsenseTM Antimicrobial Hand Sanitising Foam Rub as the end result of years of research and testing. “This truly represents a major breakthrough, because it combines an effective, non-alcohol product which is safe and kind to the user and one which is dispensed at the ideal consistency to provide a hand hygiene product people will actually use,” he said.

According to the NHS, in spite of recent progress in reducing healthcare acquired infections, non- compliance with hand hygiene protocols among clinicians and staff continues as a challenge. The National Patient Safety Agency estimates that a higher percentage of healthcare workers are complying with hand disinfection practices set out as required, but acknowledges that a key reason for continuing non compliance is the end-users’ dislike for the products currently available, all of which are alcohol based.

It is well documented that frequent hand decontamination with alcohol based hand gels can leave skin dry, red, chapped and even cracked. This side effect is both uncomfortable and counter-productive, because broken skin provides an ideal environment for microbial colonisation.

Ebiox’s EsenseTM Antimicrobial Hand Sanitising Foam Rub is very practical in use providing better coverage of the area being sanitised compared to sprays and gels. Early adopters comment that “it spreads more easily and absorbs quickly, leaving hands feeling ‘normal’ in a matter of seconds after application.”

Current users of some hand hygiene products also report a slippery or sticky tactile effect for some time after application. Users of EsenseTM Antimicrobial Hand Sanitising Foam Rub note a clear improvement in this aspect. It has been commented “Nurses often must move directly from hand decontamination to delicate procedures that require their full dexterity. Having to wait even a minute for your hands to feel normal again can be a real distraction, especially when you do it dozens of times each day.”

“We estimate that 99% of hand sanitising products currently in use by the NHS are alcohol based. A shift in product to non-alcohol could, we suggest, help create an improvement in hand hygiene compliance, and accordingly, in the continued reduction of HCAI’s in hospitals and other community care and settings,” Jeff Smith added.