News - EBIOX – First Quarter Results 2009

May 01 2009

Ebiox provides a range of Cleaning and Disinfection products based on proprietary technology, selling primarily to the Healthcare sector, and increasingly to other sectors with
high concern for public and employee hygiene and protection.

The range includes products to clean and disinfect medical devices and hard surfaces, and non alcohol based antimicrobial hand hygiene products effective against such organisms
as MRSA and flu viruses.

Ebiox was refinanced in June and July this year with a £600,000 injection of cash by private investors, and passed into private ownership with its former owner Healthcare
Enterprise Group plc continuing to maintain a shareholding.

Results – July to September 2009

This period represents the first Quarter of operation since refinancing.

Sales growth up 53% on the same period last year on the back of increased sales of hand and surface cleaning products.
Launch of a new biodegradable wipe.
Pipeline of new products in place for 2010, the first of which is a non alcohol based foam hand rub.

Further Background

Since its inception ten years ago Ebiox Ltd has provided advanced decontamination technology for the healthcare industry through a range of proprietary products for cleaning and
disinfection. Recent developments have strengthened the company by funding product developments and sales activity and by adding vital expertise at Board and management levels.

The recent refinancing was executed together with Healthcare Enterprise Group as part of its own re- structuring plan.

John Honey, the new executive Chairman for Ebiox , previously served as senior vice president of Reckitt Benckiser plc, where he was responsible during his 29 year tenure for
Reckitt’s global cleaning and

disinfectant businesses, including Dettol, Lyosol and Cilit Bang brands. He also headed its worldwide over the counter business including Boots Healthcare International. He
confirms that Ebiox experienced a surge in demand following the outbreak of swine flu, and the flow of orders is creating additional sales opportunities in both healthcare and
emergency service sectors.

He further believes that the market will see sustained growth in Ebiox product sectors as many institutions and companies will adopt more thorough and frequent cleaning and
hygiene regimes and additional precautionary measures.

Ebiox products have been selected by NHS Trusts, emergency services units and are penetrating healthcare sectors in mainland Europe, the Far East and Japan.

Examples of current sales success are that the recently introduced Trionic biodegradable wipes have been adopted by Great Ormond Street hospital, and Esense Hand Rub has been
stocked by the Devon and Exeter Fire and rescue service as a frontline hand hygiene product in case of pandemic outbreaks.