News - Ebiox Completes a Distribution Agreement for Livinguard

December 10 2013

It is well publicised that hands, the environment and surgical instruments are factors in Healthcare Acquired Infections for which Ebiox has a focussed range of products targeting these areas.

Studies show that Healthcare Workers clothing, patient attire and soft fabrics such as curtains are also vehicles for cross infection. So to try and break this chain Ebiox is now working with a company Livinguard who manufactures a patented range of medical clothing and items.

With the use of multiple coating applications Ebiox can over a range of clothing which is;

        Anti-microbial for up to 75 washes
        Hydrophobic which prevents penetration of fluids
        Hydrophilic for wearers comfort. This is enhanced by the use of
        high quality non linting Poly/Cotton fabric
        Stain resistent for easy laundering

Livinguard kills micro-organisms by a “mechnical” action rather than chemical. The textile is coated with billions of nano sized polymeric knives, spaced in a way that when bacteria for example hits the textile they are physically pierced, killing them.

Due to this being a mechanical action and not chemical there is no risk of resistance.

The textiles have gone through many tests, and has recently passed the EN13795, the European Standard for Surgical Drapes and Gowns for use in the Operating Theatre.

Ebiox believes this is an excellent addition to their portfolio, meeting their objective of providing products which will help close down many of the avenues of cross infection.