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August 18 2010

“In the Darwinian battle against disease-carrying bacteria, we are on the losing side, and we will all have to face up to a world where antibiotics simply do not work anymore.”

Warned Professor Timothy Walsh, the man behind the discovery of a new deadly form of bacteria in the UK (‘Superbug’ –NDM-1)

Are we facing another pandemic, and if so, what do we do if NDM-1 is resistant to ALL antibiotics, as being reported.

Taking into consideration that the development of new antibiotics has almost ground to a halt in the past 15 years, scientists are warning that we need to limit the spread.
Individuals can take precautions themselves by carrying antibacterial hand rubs, however the Healthcare Community is the real risk area, where bacteria is easily transferred and
immune systems are generally low already. Hospitals and healthcare units across the UK will need to come up with a plan of action to stop it spreading.

The BBC Online News, after reviewing the Lancet article, concluded that normal infection control measures such as cleansing and disinfecting equipment and hand washing are
suitable precautions against a spread of the NDM-1 threat.

However, what happens when these superbugs become resistant to anti-bacterial substances used in hospitals too….....

Bacteria have a tendency to form Biofilm. A biofilm is an aggregate of microorganisms in which cells adhere to each other and/or to a surface, allowing them to breed, and in some
cases become, resistant to disinfectants used in anti-bacterial substances used in many hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Ebiox, for example, has developed a range of products that are proven highly effective against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria present when used as directed on hard
surfaces, medical equipment and hands. According to Ebiox, Trionic’s multi active patented formulation meets the two essential elements of decontamination. Firstly, cleaning by
removing any soiling, pathogens and, importantly, the bio-film in which the pathogens live and multiply; and secondly, disinfecting the clean surface using a blend of three
active biocides

As the ‘Superbug’ story continues to unfold, please feel free to contact us to discuss this issue further with one of Ebiox’s Directors.

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