News - Ebiox’s Neozyme™ spray provides extended protection

November 04 2010

September, 2010 – During the several hours that can elapse between use in theatre and re-sterilization, delicate surgical instruments are at risk from potentially damaging proteins, difficult to shift, dried-on soiling and a range of pathogens including TSE prions. 

Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSDs) have identified a range of specialized gels, foams and aerosol generators to combat the problem.  One product in particular, however, is gaining proponents for its ease of use and good results.  Neozyme spray from Ebiox, a ready to use blend of surfactants, an enzymatic agent and a preservative, provides a highly effective way to keep just-used surgical instruments moist until they can undergo decontamination in a washer. 

Recent guidelines from the Department of Health following a year long consultation have confirmed the benefits of keeping reusable instruments in a moist environment (but not aqueous immersion) while awaiting decontamination. 

According to Ebiox marketing director Paul Blenkinsopp, many CSSD and TSSU units report that weekends and evenings can present a particular challenge in this regard. “Reduced staffing at these times can mean a delay in processing instruments and other devices. We can safely advise that Neozyme provides about six hours of protection,” Blenkinsopp said.

Keeping instruments moist not only is safer, it also saves time by reducing the re-wash rate. In addition, it can help maintain neutral pH and prolong instrument life by breaking down the salts within the body fluids they have accumulated during use. 

Neozyme spray is CE marked as a Class 1 medical device.