EBIOX News & Press Releases

Ebiox Opens New Distributor Partners in Middle East - October 13 2015

New Distributor Partners in Kuwait and Lebanon — Read More

Drinkers ‘raided London hospitals for alcohol-based hand gel - September 03 2015

A man who nearly died from drinking hand gel containing alcohol, has detailed how he was part of a group which systematically raided London hospitals for a drink. — Read More

It Is Time To Look At Textiles Used In Healthcare. - July 22 2015

Are Current Infection Prevention and Control Measures Enough? — Read More

Is the Role of the WHO Finally Being Challenged? - July 22 2015

Damning Independent Report on WHO. — Read More

Ebiox’s Natural Esense Meets the Needs of “Dry Scrubbing” for Surgical Procedures - November 07 2014

This months Product Focus is Natural Esense and the key aspect of it’s use as a “dry surgical scrub solution”. — Read More

Ebiox and Ebola - October 11 2014

What can Ebiox offer Infection Prevention and Control Teams in the fight against Ebola? — Read More

Ebiox Completes a Distributor Agreement in Singapore - October 10 2014

Medi SG Pte Ltd — Read More

Sporicidal Claims for Trionic D Cleaning and Disinfection Products - October 10 2014

Ebiox able to claim Sporicidal on their Environmental Hygiene Range — Read More

Nordipak Agrees a Territory Extension - July 03 2014

Nordipak agreement for Spain. — Read More

Distributor Partner Agreement for Thailand - June 19 2014

Ebiox is very pleased to announce that they have completed an agreement with the Safe Siam Business Group Co Ltd. — Read More

EBOS Dalian - May 20 2014

Evidence of More Fraudulent Activity — Read More

Ebiox and MERS - May 20 2014

The reported cases of MERS are on the increase. — Read More

Ebiox extends its reach into Eastern Europe. - April 29 2014

Ebiox agrees to expand the geographical territory of their Distributor Partner based in Turkey. — Read More

Ebiox Re-enters the Chinese Healthcare Market. - April 29 2014

Ebiox has signed a Partner Distribution Agreement for the Zhejiang Province. — Read More

Immediate Termination of Distribution Agreement with Dalian Ebos, China - January 17 2014

Termination due to distributor breeches of agreement. — Read More

Ebiox Completes a Distribution Agreement for Livinguard - December 10 2013

With a number of key areas now identified as vehicles for cross infection, the objective of Ebiox as a provider of Infection Prevention and Control Products is to offer a product portfolio which will give the tools to combat infection in these identified areas. — Read More

Ebiox Signs an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - December 10 2013

ScienPharma becomes Ebiox's latest Distributor Partner — Read More

Customer Services Update - November 14 2013

Ebiox expands it's Customer Services — Read More

Ebiox Enters the Turkish Healthcare Market - August 24 2013

A new Distributor Partnership. — Read More

New Distributor Partners - July 18 2013

Ebiox Strengthens Their Distributor Partner Network — Read More

Ebiox and Citrocel Confirms Distribution Agreement - June 12 2013

Ebiox is very excited to announce the Distribution Agreement with a Dutch company, Citrocel. They have developed and patented an ecologically friendly and completely natural antiseptic towel. The impregnating solution is already distributed by Ebiox as Natural Esense Hand Rub and the towel is made from bamboo cellulose which has many interesting qualities. — Read More

Ebiox Launches 2013 Catalogue - January 15 2013

Updated Catalogue with a number of key new products. — Read More

Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal HLD with G-cide™ - November 07 2012

Ebiox working in collaboration with TM Chemicals are excited to announce the launch of a unique complex active solution for the decontamination of Flexible Endoscopes and other heat labile instruments. — Read More

Distribution Network Agreed in China - November 06 2012

Ebiox extends it's agreement with their Chinese Distribution Partner Dalian EBOS Trade. — Read More

Ebiox Launches Trionic A2Z One Shot - August 15 2012

A new way of decanting cleaner disinfectant concentrate. — Read More

Training Partnership - June 19 2012

Supporting the NHS and Private Healthcare Providers in their education programmes — Read More

Youtube Video Trionic Wipes v Alcohol Based Wipes. Removal of Protein and Biofilm - May 22 2012

With ongoing discussions with reference to alcohol wipes fixing proteins and biofilms onto surfaces, Ebiox has put together a video which we believe shows how well Trionic Wipes compare against alcohol based wipes, for removing protein contaminate and biofilm. — Read More

Ebiox now on Peto Marketplace - May 21 2012

Making Ebiox Products more widely available to the NHS. — Read More

The Lack of Understanding of Hand Hygiene - May 16 2012

It is truly time for the WHO and CDC to begin a review of hand hygiene protocols and product recommendations. It would help immensely with the confusion that surrounds hand hygiene currently. — Read More

Ebiox Completes Water Sterilisation Distribution Agreement - April 30 2012

Ebiox are extremely excited to announce the completion of a global distribution agreement (excluding North and South America) for the Water Sterilisation technology developed by Citrox. The agreement covers both healthcare and leisure markets. — Read More

New Tests for Trionic Products - March 19 2012

User Demands Are Met With New Testing — Read More

The Use of Alcohol Based Hand Rubs and the Outbreaks of Norovirus. - February 27 2012

The ongoing debate on ABHR's continues to grow, especially with the outbreaks of Norovirus closing wards. — Read More

Ebiox Looking to Expand into The Far East. Distributors Required. - February 27 2012

Ebiox Looking to Expand into The Far East. Distributors Required. — Read More

Ebiox Looking to Expand into Eastern Europe. Distributors Required. - February 27 2012

Ebiox looking to expand their Distributor Network into Eastern Europe — Read More

The Questions Over the Use of ABHR’s Continue to Grow - November 17 2011

An unbiased review is required. — Read More

The Strengthening of Ebiox - November 16 2011

Over the past few months Ebiox has been working to enhance and extend their product offering, as well as strengthening their financial position as part of ongoing plans for growth. — Read More

Ebiox Updates Website - October 03 2011

New Products Added — Read More

Al- Zuhour Private School converts to Esense Hand Sanitising Foam Rub - October 03 2011

Safety of the children was key in the decision — Read More

Ebiox Updates Catalogue - September 12 2011

Developing Product Range Updated in Catalogue — Read More

Ebiox Launches their Upgraded Area Disinfection System and Fluid - August 12 2011

Enhancing the current Infection Prevention and Control Offering — Read More

Is this the hospital which is the first to “break the norm”. - July 19 2011

A Breakthrough for Ebiox Non Alcohol Based Hand Hygiene Products — Read More

Natural Esense Test Result - July 06 2011

Natural Esense passes EN12791 — Read More

New Trionic D Wipe Dispensing System - June 27 2011

New Trionic D Wipe Dispensing System expands the Ebiox product range. — Read More

Ebiox launches Natural Esense - April 20 2011

An exciting development with the Ebiox Esense Hand Hygiene Range — Read More

Product Endorsement from Malaysia - February 24 2011

Praise from one of our global customers — Read More

Ebiox Products Well Positioned to Combat a “New Wave” in Swine Flu - December 21 2010

With the news that Swine Flu (H1N1) is on the increase Ebiox offers solutions to help contain the Virus. — Read More

Ebiox Exhibits at Medica 2010 - December 01 2010

Ebiox joins the Medilink North West UKTI Exhibition Stand at Medica 2010. — Read More

Ebiox Agrees Distribution in China and Korea - November 18 2010

Ebiox expands their distribution partnerships into China and Korea — Read More

Ebiox Exhibits at the Abu Dhabi Medical Congress 2010 - November 09 2010

Ebiox gives proactive support to their Distributor Network. — Read More

Ebiox’s Neozyme™ spray provides extended protection - November 04 2010

Reusable Instruments Need "Moisture" Awaiting Sterilisation — Read More

Bishopsgate Summary - August 18 2010

“In the Darwinian battle against disease-carrying bacteria, we are on the losing side, and we will all have to face up to a world where antibiotics simply do not work anymore.” — Read More

New Wall Dispensers Complete the EsenseTM Non-alcohol Hand Hygiene System - August 04 2010

Ebiox Ltd, developer of advanced healthcare decontamination technologies, announces a new delivery system for its EsenseTM non-alcohol hand hygiene products. — Read More

New Super Bug Threat Met by Ebiox Anti-microbials - August 01 2010

August, 2010- New concerns about antibiotic resistant bacteria producing the enzyme New Delhi Metallo-1 (NDM-1) published recently in the medical journal Lancet Infectious Diseases can be addressed by hospital surgical and sterile services departments through effective use of existing microbiological disinfectants and typical decontamination processes. — Read More

Ebiox appoints Nordic Surgical Ltd for UK distribution - July 01 2010

Ebiox Ltd, Warrington-based international developer of advanced decontamination technology products for healthcare and medical use, has selected Nordic Surgical Ltd as its Acute Healthcare market distributor in England. The appointment, announced by Ebiox commercial director Jeff Smith, adds both online sales and expanded customer care capacity. — Read More

Ebiox Trionic anti-microbial wipes selected by University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium - June 23 2010

Warrington-based Ebiox Ltd, has been selected by one of Belgium’s most prestigious hospitals to provide antimicrobial disinfection products. — Read More

Ebiox appoints distributors in Middle East - May 01 2010

Ebiox Ltd, UK-based international developer of advanced decontamination technology products for healthcare and medical use, has selected Arabian Salmiya Trading as its exclusive distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and Apex United General Trading Co to represent its products in Kuwait. The appointments, announced recently by Ebiox commercial director Jeff Smith, provide essential sales support in this important global market. — Read More

Ebiox launches non-alcohol EsenseTM Antimicrobial Hand Sanitising Foam for Hand Hygiene - October 01 2009

October, 2009 -- In response to requests of healthcare providers for an alternative to harsh, alcohol based hand hygiene products, Ebiox Ltd, advanced decontamination technology specialists, have developed an improved version of the company’s popular EsenseTM Hand Rub, EsenseTM alcohol free, Antimicrobial Hand Sanitising Foam Rub. — Read More

Ebiox Partners With GovToday for Healthcare Hygiene - September 01 2009

September, 2009 -- Ebiox Ltd, a Warrington-based supplier of advanced decontamination technology, has become the Hand Hygiene Partner for GovToday, the UK’s online resource for the public sector. Ebiox was selected for the role following the first of three major conferences being produced by GovToday to help reduce healthcare acquired infections (HCAIs). — Read More

EBIOX – First Quarter Results 2009 - May 01 2009

Ebiox provides a range of Cleaning and Disinfection products based on proprietary technology, selling primarily to the Healthcare sector, and increasingly to other sectors with high concern for public and employee hygiene and protection. — Read More

Appointment of Chairman - November 21 2008

John Honey brings a wealth of experience in the disinfectant and decontamination industry — Read More