About Us

Ebiox produces decontamination products that represent the latest advances in hygiene and infection control. The Ebiox ‘Advanced Decontamination Technology’ range has been specifically designed to assist in the control of potentially harmful pathogens and reduce the risk of cross infection.

Delivering safe and user-friendly products has been the Ebiox mission since its formation in the late 1990's when a need was recognized for a range of products that could effectively clean and disinfect any washable surface in the presence of soiling.

Following the successful introduction of the instrument cleaning and surface disinfection ranges, Ebiox identified the need for a range of hand hygiene products that were both alcohol and chlorhexidene free, yet performed just as effectively. The Esense range of hand wash and hand rub products are proven to be as effective as alcohol-based products yet without the perceived skin damaging side effects, or the storage issues associated with highly flammable chemicals.

Continual Research and Development at Ebiox is central to solving the many factors that can affect the performance requirements of a hygiene product, and to creating products that are safe and pleasant to use that in turn encourages compliance with best hygiene protocols.

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